About Passphrase Generator

The main purpose of this Web system is to demonstrate a part of functionalities provided by the command line version of make-password package. It is also intended to evaluate the effectiveness of natural-word passphrases, and allow people to think about their own methods to share passwords between people (without sending on email!).
You are not prohibited to use generated passwords (passphrases) in a general way, but you must be aware of any security consequences of it.

Security Notice

The generated passwords are created on the Web server then immediately sent to the client browser. The server does not memorize any generated secrets.
However, ANY PARTY (copyright owners, program creators, server operators) WILL NOT warrant any kinds of security properties such as confidentiality, randomness, strength etc.

Whenever possible, passwords should better be generated in an off-line, local environment. For the purposes of repeated, frequent, or high-confidence uses, please consider use of Python command line version.

Web cookies are only used to memorize the language preference for the user interface. No secret information will be stored in cookies.

Terms of Usage

The license condition of make-password package applies for the use of this system. Especially, the following disclaimer/limitation clauses are important for the use.


(c) 2018 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
Based on make-password [AIST program registration #H30PRO-2263]